About Us

Home Ground Central Coast Hampers and Gifts Family Picture at Chittaway Bay

Ever been on holiday and wanted to find local honey? Did you plan to visit the local farmers market but it was washed out? We have. On one occasion, it took two days and many, many asks to find local honey while on holiday in a regional part of NSW. 

At home, we have a beekeeper just down the road. Every time we visit the Health Food Store in Woy Woy, we spoil ourselves with local made Gingerbread cookies. When our three year old son asks for more bath bombs, we head to the waterfront of Empire Bay. When we run out of coffee, we head to MacMasters Beach to grab some more beans (we don't have a grinder at home so they grind them for us for free on the spot!). 

Which made us think... If we didn't know where to find local honey while on holiday and neither did many of the locals - 

How many Coastie's weren't aware of all the beautiful stuff we have to offer? 

We enjoy visiting the Coastal Markets although during 2020, there were hardly any (for obvious reasons). When they did start up again, they were frequently cancelled due to wretched weather. That spurred our second question - 

How many local small businesses have lost income from these unfortunate unforeseen events? How many had to shut their doors altogether?

We felt for the business owners and we missed the spoils of our markets. ÔĽŅHence, Home Ground Central Coast was born.¬†

The founders of Home Ground Central Coast are Father and Mother, Deiniol and Dallas, of Empire Bay. Our three year old son, Hendrix, helps us pack hampers and taste test. Hampers are a good gift, our hampers are worth it, our hampers are affordable and good value. We have a set of Work and Life values and principles and we make every attempt to live by them every day. One of them is to perform a kind deed, every day, no matter how small. We think supporting small local businesses, which are the foundations that hold a community together, is a fantastic way of fulfilling that principle. And when we say "local", we don't mean Australian Made. We mean Central Coast Made. 

Central Coast - Let's build it together.